Natural Gas

A worker Squatting wearing a yellow helmet opening valves on pipes

Liberalization of the domestic gas market is ongoing with the adaptation of the legal and regulatory framework to EU standards, the abolition of monopolistic structures and other market distortion.

By acquiring a Gas Supply License, Cedalion Energy is positioned strategically to directly access emerging opportunities in the market for the benefit of its clients.

With expertise in managing natural gas portfolios and continuous monitoring of developments in the market and the regulatory framework, we can deal with all your needs offering a wide range of services:

  • Gas Supply: Sale of natural gas from our gas portfolio
  • Gas Shipping: Management of your Transport and/or Distribution contracts, directly or indirectly, delivering the gas “at your doorstep”.
  • Full Supply: All-including service, covering supply, transport and distribution, further simplifying your gas purchasing process.
ENTSOG AISBL European natural gas network map (1024x725, 256KBMB), © ENTSOG AISBL

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