about us

Red and bright yellow light trails of vechicles on a motorway and power cables at dusk

Cedalion Energy is the energy branch of Hellenic Halyvourgia, an industrial company with a 75-year history in the steel sector and one of the country’s largest energy consumers, accounting for about 1% of domestic consumption of both electricity and natural gas.

Cedalion Energy is the result of experience and know-how accumulated over several years on the domestic and regional energy markets, as well as of active management of a complex portfolio of energy demand, including power, gas and emission rights. Specifically:

Power: High Voltage (HV) installations
Medium Voltage (MV) installations
Natural Gas: Eligible consumers (> 100 GWh per year)
Non-eligible consumers
Emissions: Participant in EU Emissions Trading Scheme since 2005
In-house emission rights trading platform

Building on solid and deep understanding of energy consumers’ needs and preoccupations, Cedalion Energy is the ideal partner for Industrial and Commercial energy consumers that see energy as a significant input cost affecting their overall competitiveness.

The company is eager to place its highly skilled and experienced people at your disposal in order to accurately determine your needs, explain the alternatives and propose the optimal solution, tailored to your specific requirements.