Energy Management

A photograph showing an engineer on the right taking notes in front of monitors switches and buttons that seem to form a control room of an electrical power station

Historically, energy markets have developed around vertically integrated, regulated state monopolies. Decades of absence of competition in retail have led to passivity virtually all market players, including consumers.

Active management of energy cost is practically inexistent in all but the very large, energy-intensive users.

As real market opportunities appear, the need for “price management” services arises. Medium and small businesses usually manage to optimize volumes (consumption) internally, as they have the technical experts to do that. However, they do not have the skills to manage the price element of cost, which is a mere external factor.

diagram showing cost as an equtation of price multiplied with volume

As no real alternative suppliers for electricity or gas exist actually, the role of energy users is limited to “handling” the incumbents, i.e. requiring consulting services, regulatory know-how, negotiating skills, contract analysis etc.

This however, is set to change gradually as markets open and more alternatives to actual supply services will be accessible and viable. This will create the need for more sophisticated services, combining multi-disciplinary expertise such as technical, legal and financial.

Cedalion Energy offers a range of services in this direction.